Lilit is headed by Nitza Bilet, employing 900 people, of whom 150 in corporate positions and 750 beauty consultants assigned to 400 retail points-of-sales across Israel, including Super-Pharm, Hamashbir Latzarchan, NewPharm, April and more.

Lilit Cosmetics Ltd. is the exclusive importer and distributor in Israel of the following global beauty and fragrance brands.

Founded in 1938 and headquartered in Shoham, Israel, family-owned Lilit runs a modern logistic center which was built in 2015 to respond to the Company's operational, management, training, storage and distribution needs. Working according to the highest standards of international cosmetics corporations, the logistic center distributes the goods to all points-of-sales in Israel.


  • 1933

    From idea to reality

    Nitza Bilet, managing director of Lilit, recounts the Company's history:
    "In 1933, when the Nazi regime came to power, my grandfather, Eliyahu Nussbaum, was forced to flee from Germany in the middle of the night with his wife and two young children. Language barriers prevented him from practicing law in Israel, the family's new homeland, and he was looking for another way to provide for his family.

    My grandfather had resumed an old hobby he used to engage in back in Germany: fragrance production. The small home kitchen in Israel was transformed into production of cosmetic preparations under the brand “Maria de Silva”.

    In 1948, after the State of Israel was established, my grandfather decided it was time to replace the German name "Maria de Silva with a Hebrew name. An official name-selectoin contest was held at Noga, a popular cafe in Tel Aviv of those days. The name "Lilit" was elected by an overwhekming majority.

  • 1948

    Establishing Lilith

    in 1949, my father, David Nussbaum, the second generation of the founders, completed his militarys service and joined the small company to help in the family's livelihood. After his marriage to my mother, Yaffa, who worked in the laboratories of Zori Pharmaceuticals, she too joined the family business. My father was responsible for the sales and marketing and she for the manufacturing operations.

    In those days, Lilit was making fragrances, cosmetic creams and powders, all of which were sold under the Lilit brand name. It should be noted that international brands were practically unavailable in Israel at the time

  • 1960

    The world International

    By the 1960's, my father has realized the world is changing and that a more cosmopolitan spirit should be infused into the local cosmetics and fragrance market.
    Since import of finished goods to Israel was impossible in those days, he travelled the world in search of brands that would agree to license their production knowhow to Lilit.
    The first international licensed to Lilit was Tabac Original. Shortly afterwards it was joined by additional brands.

  • 1985

    Growth and Expansion

    I joined Lilit when I was still a student of music. My father passed away in 1985, and I was named managing director. My sister, Elia Bomza, a pharmacist by training, joined the Company too as the regulatory compliance manager.

  • 2016

    Then and today

    Lilit has gone a long way: today, it represents multiple global brands and is the Israeli leader in its category.
    The values we were educated on have paved our way with persistence, dedication, fairness, faith and entrepreneurial courage.
    From the small studio in Tel Aviv's Florentine quarter to the modern Lilit House at Shoham, we can trace glorious growth which relies on years of hard work, perseverance and diligence.
    Together with our loyal employees, we are proud to be at Lilit, a local, family-owned company with global standards that brings to Israel the latest news and innovations of the international brands.

Our Vision

Recognize our outstanding employees with career development opportunities

Keep abreast the latest, most relevant technological and digital developments in our industry

Solidify our financial soundness as a source of strength and security.

Preserve our agility in changing along with the market as required.

Aspire and work to have a Lilit product in every household in Israel!

Lead the Israeli cosmetics and fragrance market with leading international brands

Continue to evolve with creativity and renewal

Abide by the principles of credibility and fairness

Nurture the excellent relationship we have with our employees, suppliers and retailers

Become a family for our loyal, long-standing employees

Contribute to the community in a range of projects throughout the yea